Fiona Russell is an Edinburgh-based artist who loves to explore the relationship between light and shadows. She has been drawing and painting all of her life and, over a number of years, has also undertaken several non-diploma courses and workshops, most recently at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art.
Her work is inspired by the effect of light on the landscape, in particular the shadows cast by the sunlight, and tries to capture a sense of peace in her paintings. Favourite subject matters are the landscapes and villages of the Mediterranean, with its strong sunlight and contrasting shadows, and the more subtle light of northern Europe's woodland.
She is attracted by the strong use of colour in the post-impressionist and expressionist work of artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, the Scottish Colourists, Anne Redpath, John Lowrie Morrison, and contemporary Dutch painter Jeroen Krabbé.
She prefers to work in oil paint, the wonderful consistency of this medium lending itself to a varied application with brush, rag and palate knife, depending on the mood, light and subject matter. She finds this allows for greater diversity in texture and expression.
Fiona wishes to maintain a realism in her paintings whilst experimenting with the use of tone and colour, changing and enhancing them to develop a more emotional response to the subject. Her subjects are drawn from a variety of areas including Provence, Venice, Tuscany, and northern European woodland.